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Whether in conjunction with medication and/or psychotherapy and/or coaching or as self-standing option, this site will help you to choose the right supplements for you - safely and cost-efficiently.

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Why Supplements for Mental Health?

Since the beginning of time, humans have treated illness, whether physical or mental, with predominantly natural means. 

Nutrition and the proper diet (from greek "diaita" , meaning ‘a way of life’) was always an important part of healing.

In our modern time, we seem to have forgotten this.

These days, our typical diet consists of processed and packaged foods with questionable nutritional value, and even the best available food has no longer the nutrient content it used to have when Thomas Edison said to cure disease with nutrition.

Modern medicine and pharmaceutical drugs have made many formerly deadly diseases curable and increased our average life span, but the treatment of chronic illness and especially mental illness like depression, anxiety, ADHD have lacked the same progress.

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Our modern fast-paced lifestyle added chronic stress, information overload, and massive overwhelm as well as seemingly never-ending tasks and choices.

Chronic light and noise exposure in the big cities and distractions available at our fingertips at any time keep us awake and make us sleep worse than ever.

Industrialization and industrialized agriculture have increased pollution and added environmental toxins to food, soil and water.

All these factors together have led to chronic low-grade nutrient deficiencies, toxin overload, chronic inflammation in many people and to a massive increase in mental conditions.

Chronic Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, Stress and Insomnia have become commonplace.

It is our mission to help you thrive in this environment by targeted and wise supplementation - in addition to wiser food choices and an overall healthier lifestyle.

About Us

Supplements for Mental Health was created by Dr. Christine Sauer MD ND. Her interest in safe natural healing came to full fruition when she herself needed help going through severe mental health challenges.

Click HERE to read her story and how supplements were instrumental to change her life, dissolve her symptoms and give her her life back.

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