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Soulful Nutrition, Holistic Brain & Mental Health, Gut Health, Personal Growth

  • how to manage stressgenerate energydissipate brain fog, remove mindset blocks and stop negative "over-thinking" and achieve inner peace, calmness and even serenity.
  • how to come out of the darkness of depression and fear and live with purpose, passion and zest for life.
  • how to address and resolve gut health issues with natural means
  • how to live your best life and "Recover Your Sparkle"
  • how to feel better fast - and make it last, 
  • how to set proper goals that you can achieve, 
  • how pursue your passions and purpose with energy and create the successful life you always wanted
  • How to gain and maintain motivation and laser-focus and increase your productivity
  • how to overcome the inevitable challenges of life 
  • learn about root causes of illnesses (like inflammation, toxicity and nutrient deficiencies and imbalances)
  • possible solutions to brain and mental health issues
  • how to select good books, products, services and supplements that support brain and mental health, gut health, healthy cellular metabolism
  • how to reduce your psychiatric medications with minimal negative withdrawal effects and eventually make them unnecessary.
  • Want personal, individual support for brain health, gut health and/or mental health issues or a personalized medication withdrawal plan?

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Stress Management

Learn how to stop being "abused" by chronic, excessive stress. Learn effective techniques to self-regulate to use inevitable stressors to generate energy and passion instead.

Improve Mental Health

Learn which supplements and/or proven mind-body techniques will help you to feel calmer, more focused, content and happier overall. How to safely withdraw from psychiatric medications and when you need to see a professional...

Gut Health, Food and Your Brain

Learn about food, environmental toxins, nutrition and how they all go together to fuel our body, mind and soul. Learn how to lose weight safely and improve gut health, brain health and mental health.

Regulate Inflammation

What amount of inflammation is too much and how to we know? What can we do when we suffer from illness caused by chronic inflammation? What are proven supplements to help?

Focus, Motivation, Goals

So many of us are easily distracted and lack clarity and focus, often also goals, purpose and passion. Learn how to increase productivity and prioritize what's important to you to achieve the success you deserve.

Reduce Psychiatric Drugs

Psychiatric medications have revolutionized mental health and closed the dreadful asylums of the past. But many of us are over-medicated and get too many or useless or even harmful medications. This can hurt our long-term success. Learn what you can do for you or your family to help.

Root Cause Medicine

Conventional Medicine focuses often on symptom control. This can be helpful in the short term, but often we need to get to the root of the long-term, chronic problem to be able to "weed them out". learn what makes sense and hat may just be a waste of time and money.

Good Books

Studying good books and learning from wise mentors has helped millions to succeed over the centuries. Bibliotherapy as a form of self-help or as part of a mental health program is an amazing and cost-effective way to get and stay well.

Quality Supplements

In our world of nutritionally sub-standard industrial food good quality health supplements in the appropriate amounts, combinations and chemical forms are essential to thrive. Learn what to look for, what to do and what to avoid.

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