See How Easily You Can Grow Your Seed Nutrition Business with my digital self on your site... 

If you have a website or are on social media, I can help you to recommend your seed sourced nutrition products to your prospective customers in a way you never imagined...

How You Can Provide Personalized, Reliable Guidance on Health and Wellness to Your Customers -  Without Having to Be an authority yourself

Why Choose Dr. Christine's "Digital Nutrition Consultant" for Your Seed Nutrition Business?

Dr. Christine's Digital Consultant takes the confusion and guesswork out of health and wellness.

Contrary to the popular belief that you need to spend a lot of time and money to study all there is to know about nutrition, wellness and supplements for better health or rely on an endless Google search for answers, our online platform provides easy access to a seasoned health expert.

Dr. Christine Sauer, physician, naturopath, nutrition and supplementation expert, and bestselling author, is here to guide you and your customers. With four decades of experience, you can trust her insights and advice.


Dr. Christine Sauer MD ND is a fellow RAIN Seed Sourced Nutrition Distributor and knows what you need to know to help your customers make a product choice that will really impact their health and life in a positive direction...

Bottom Line: If you're ready to help others experience optimal health, help them to gain the confidence to make empowered decisions, and at the same time create an income for you and your loved ones, we can help!

But...How Does This Work?

Meet Dr. Christine Sauer, the heart and soul behind Dr. Christine's Digital Consultant. She utilizes her over 40 years of healthcare expertise to guide individuals on their journey towards improved health and well-being. Through our innovative digital platform, you and your customers can receive reliable guidance anytime, anywhere, eliminating the need to struggle with finding trustworthy health advice online and learning to do it all yourself.

Dr. Christine's Digital Consultant offers not just content from RAIN International, but she also offers high-quality, curated content from her own and other trusted sources, including scientific articles, allowing you to offer high quality content from different sources that will help them make informed and confident decisions.

And the best thing:

Dr. Christine's Digital Consultant will recommend your replicated website and Seed Sourced Nutrition Products to people who come to you for advice around the topics you are talking about. 

And you can feel confident that their questions are answered not just by a reliable and trustworthy source, but from high-quality content that will provide value first and then, if appropriate, recommend your replicated website or links to your products.


Is this a Sales Bot?

Yes and No. Your Clone will answer questions and recommend products, if appropriate. This is part of sales. The leads and the sales itself are not done buy the bot. You send your leads to your clone and you save time and they get the maximum value. Then they see the product and may buy right then and there or they may choose to have a personal conversation with you to confirm their choice.

Will they see my site/s?

You can set the amount of messages before your clone will recommend a product or service. And you can choose which of your sites and which page your visitors will see.

What about compliance?

You can set rules for your clone to follow so it acts in compliance with company guidelines. 

You also can set a disclaimer message, and a message to notify your visitors of your marketing rules, privacy and similar legal content.

Pricing Options

Get the best digital AI clone for your business or practice in the health, wellness or healing space and show your customers how your services or products can improve their life.

This offer expires in...


You missed out!




  • Link to our Website
  • Give your customers extra answers and support 
  • Dr. Christine will recommend RAIN products
  • Get commission on Dr. Christine's sales




  • One Time Fee
  • Embed Code for Dr. Christine's clone for your website
  • Clone explains and recommends RAIN seed based nutrition products
  • 30 min of individual set-up help included
  • Upgrade to your custom RAIN product website available (info below)

Best Value




  • Get Your Own Trained RAIN clone...
  • includes Custom Webpage and Setup 
  • 3 of your Products (Buying Links) Included for the clone to recommend
  • Free high-converting copywriting for one of your pages
  • Free embed in your Wordpress site (if applicable)
  • 30% Discount on Add-ons

*Minimum lease duration is 6 months


Contact us for your custom offer!

  • Get Your Own Clone
  • Get additional help to train and set up your Clone
  • Get Done-For-You high converting sales copy
  • Get as many products and memberships as you need
  • Your own niche-specific Landing Page with Your Clone

Interested in the upgrade to Your Own RAIN Seed Nutrition Website?

What you get:

1. Your own Website 

  • You do not need to have/own a domain to use it. 
  • You can receive a page on this domain (without header) and a custom link (see below).

2. A custom link and QR code to your website (optional)

  • If you have a domain or a website you can certainly set up a redirect or forward to your custom page.
  • If you want, I will include (free) a "secret" link that looks like this:   , but it will link to your website.
  • You can share your custom link with a custom text and image of your choice directly on social media or wherever you want to share it.
  • You also will receive a QR code that you can add to your flyers, business codes etc. linking to your page... 

Try it: Copy my sample link:    and send it as a Facebook message to a good friend to test (or to me) 

What is on your website:

Well, the easiest way to check it out is just to head over to my sample page. 

You can get a page just like this, but instead of pointing to my RAIN product buying links, it will point to yours.

What about the Clone?

Free and Regular Versions:
  • For the free and regular versions, all embedded clones (or linked clones)  look and act the same.
  • It is not fully trained, so don't expect miracles. It will be trained more and more and become better over time. 
  • It will also be updated regularly with all the new material that RAIN Intl. provides to us.
  • You can get different (custom) colors for your custom website, if you desire. (extra change fee)
Premium and Custom Clone Versions:
  • The embedded clone is trained the same as the regular clone, but in addition you can add your own materials (books, scientific articles, videos etc) 
  • Your Clone also will have the ability to recommend your products (linking to your buying links or other buying links of your choice)
  • The clone is not fully trained, so don't expect miracles. It will be trained more and more and become better over time. 
  • It will also be updated regularly with all the new material that RAIN Intl. provides to us.
  • You can get different (custom) colors for your custom website, if you desire. (extra change fee)
  • If you are a scientist or topic expert yourself, for the custom version, you can also request that the clone is not a clone of Dr. Christine Sauer, but of yourself and I will help you through the setup and training process.

Watch a Video Explaining Dr. Christine Sauer's Own Seed Nutrition Clone

A Walkthrough of Sedona.

See how it looks and feels and see example questions and answers before you buy...

Imagine how your own site would make it so much easier to attract interested customers and associates.

Click Here to test-drive Sedona (Link will open in a new page, so you can return here to purchase your own cloned website)