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Unlock Your Inner Peace and Mental Resilience with 

Havening Techniques® 

Havening Techniques is a revolutionary approach to emotional healing and resilience developed by Drs. Ronald and Steven Ruden. 

Based on the principles of neuroscience, Havening combines touch, attention, and imagination to help individuals achieve profound emotional and psychological transformation.

By stimulating specific areas on the body, Havening Techniques work to de-link negative emotions from past traumas or stressful experiences. 

This powerful process allows individuals to break free from the grip of anxiety, fear, and other limiting emotions, ultimately creating a sense of inner calm and improved mental well-being.

But Havening Techniques is not just about finding peace in the present moment; it also equips individuals with the tools to build long-lasting mental resilience

How it Works

By rewiring the brain's neural pathways, Havening can help individuals respond to stressors in a more positive and empowered way, leading to improved emotional regulation and enhanced overall life satisfaction.

Why It Works

Havening is an Amygdala Depotentiation Techniques (ADT), are a set of therapeutic interventions based in neuroscience that utilize touch, attention, and imagination to create rapid and lasting improvements in emotional and psychological well-being. .

Why the Name Havening?

The name "Havening" comes from the word "haven," which means a safe place or refuge. The goal of Havening Techniques is to create a safe internal space within individuals, where they can process and release negative emotions associated with past experiences. 

If you're ready to unlock your inner peace and cultivate mental resilience, Havening Techniques may be the transformative solution you've been searching for.

Developed by Dr. Ronald Ruden, a medical doctor and psychotherapist, and his twin brother Steven Ruden DDS, Havening Techniques are based on the understanding that traumatic or stressful experiences can leave imprints in the brain, contributing to negative emotions and limiting beliefs.

What is Self-Havening and Why Learn Self-Havening?

This video below is an example of Dr. Christine Sauer MD ND demonstrating Self-Havening.

Calm Stress, Worries & Anxiety Fast - and Enter a Haven of Peace, Hope and Positivity whenever You Need it Most -

Learn Self-Havening to Soothe Yourself With this  Workshop

Get Practical Instructions to Calm Stress, Worries and Anxiety and Feel Better Overall with this Novel Psycho-Sensory Technique, Proven by Neuroscience.

Learn Self-Havening - to manage your Brain Health and Mental Health during stressful times and put yourself in your special place, your haven of peace, whenever you need it most.

  • What Is Havening And What Can We Use It For?
  • How Do We Apply Havening Touch?
  • The Effect Of Havening Touch On The Brain
  • A Quick Reset – Let Go Of Tension And Stress
  • Mining the Diamonds Inside You
  • Sow Positive Seeds Of Possibility With ‘Iffirmational Havening’
  • Using Havening To Prime Your Mind For Resourcefulness And Positive Outcomes
  • Connecting To The Best Version Of You With Havening
  • Increase Your Gratitude With Havening
  • Radiate Positive Energy, Love And Kindness With Havening

If you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed or even anxious or depressed, this event is for you.

You will learn the basics of a novel psycho-sensory technique called Self-Havening.

Self-Havening is a self-help stress management technique where we teach the brain to calm down and relax into a haven of inner peace.

  • Proven by neuroscience research
  • Easy to learn and do
  • Fast, and highly effective

And you can do it anywhere, anytime you need to.

You might have heard of mindfulness meditation, positive affirmations, visualization techniques, hypnotherapy, EFT, EMDR, and in my opinion Havening is these techniques "on steroids".

You can apply the Havening Touch yourself, whenever you need it, once you master the basics that you will learn during this event.

Havening is a gentle, non-invasive, non-intrusive psycho-sensory technique. It combines touch and sounds and different ways to train your brain to calm down and reduce the stress response in the amygdala

I can't wait to see you at the event and help you to put yourself in a safe haven of calmness, kindness, peace, and love.

Ready to Dive In and Get Your Self-Havening Masterclass Training?

What you get with your Self-havening Masterclass Training...

We promise that you will experience significant stress reduction, increased calmness, inner peace and a more positive outlook - in just 55 min of following along with Dr. Christine.

Self-Havening masterclass Recording Video

Learn about Havening Techniques and practice  the gentle art and science of Self-Havening for stress management and more happiness. (Value: 297.-)

Bonus 1 (in the DUO Bundle):

Get the "InstantCalm Formula" Video Course where Dr. Christine leads you through one of the fastest ways to calm down fast. When you practice this InstantCalm Formula Method regularly, you can learn to calm yourself in just a few seconds... (Value: 197.-)

Bonus 2 (in the Platinum Package):

Add a 30-min private 1:1 session with Dr. Christine Sauer MD ND... (Value: 250.-)

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About Dr. Christine Sauer 

Dr. Christine Sauer is a German-trained certified life coach, certified health coach, physician, naturopath, and educator, living in Canada since 1996.
After personal "lived experience" with severe mental health issues she experienced first-hand the benefits and challenges of our mental health system and psychiatric medications and then the benefits of good life and health coaching including facilitation of lifestyle and nutrition changes, supplementation, weight loss coaching, mental health coaching, habit change management, spiritual coaching, bibliotherapy, journaling, leadership training, sales and marketing training and much more...
After regaining her own mental health, systematically and slowly withdrawing from her psychiatric medications and rehabilitating her brain health, she now is dedicated to sharing her knowledge and experience with others and promote excellence in the health and life coaching profession.
She is a #1 bestselling author, TEDx speaker and loving human being, and a a passionate educator and coach on all things "brain" "body", "mind" and "soul" and a fellow traveler on our journey through life on this planet.
She learned a lot, and she is excited to share some of her insights with you in the hope that these – and the action steps resulting from them – will assist you in your own journey to a better life and success in all your endeavors.


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Why should I consider working with You?

Great question!

We think that Dr. Christine's unique qualifications, her over 40 years of experience in healthcare as both a trained physician and naturopath as well as a mental health "patient" makes her the perfect person to assist others wanting to get support for their healthcare journey in a holistic way.

Check out many of her qualifications here: https://DocChristine.com/about

Shouldn't I Rather Work with my licensed doctor or psychotherapist?

This is up to you. Of course we would never tell you to not follow your physician's or other licensed healthcare provider's advice.

Dr. Christine works with clients who haven't gotten the results they were looking for - in spite of trying and/or using doctors (and mostly medications) and/or counselors.

Is Dr. Christine licensed to treat my Illness?

Dr. Christine was licensed to practice medicine in Germany. 

She is not licensed to practice medicine or anything else in other countries.

She has chosen to work as a Brain & Mental Health Coach for several specific reasons that she explained in this article: 


She has always been in good standing with any professional bodies and never violated professional rules.