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About BrainMD - What I Like About Brain MD has been founded by Dr. Daniel Amen MD. His most famous motto, as well as his first, blockbuster book, is:

"Change Your Brain, Change Your Life."

I myself have trained under Dr. Daniel Amen, who is not only a double-board-certified American psychiatrist and the Founder of the Amen Clinics, but has also written 12 New-York-Times Bestselling Books, produced many TV programs, and appeared on many stages.

“Daniel”, as his friends call him, is a Pioneer when it comes to use SPECT Brain Imaging related to Mental Health and his view have revolutionized holistic psychiatry by making it clear that mental health and recovery from depression, anxiety, ADHD and other mental disorders is impossible without addressing the 4 circles of brain health: physical, mental, spiritual and social.

I myself (Dr. Christine Sauer MD ND) became a Certified Brain Health Professional and joined Dr. Daniel Amen’s Teaching Team, because I have seen with many of my private clients how well it works, when mental health is addressed in all dimensions.

On top of all these qualifications and achievements, Daniel Amen is a humble, witty man who has the passion and purpose to help others get a better brain and a better life with it.

“Mental Health = Brain Health” – Dr. Daniel Amen MD

This may be a new concept for you. If it is, you may want to check out his brain health assessment and one of his courses and books. I will review them on this site..

Dr. Daniel Amen has found that we all have the power to make our brain better. He says: “When your brain works right, you work right. You are happier, healthier, have better relationships, and are more successful in everything you do.

But when your brain is troubled, you are much more likely to have trouble in your life.
The good news is: YOU have the power to make your brain better.

Ready to get started? 

We’re here to help. You can start with Dr. Daniel Amen’s free Brain Health Assessment here or book a Free Supplement Consultation with Dr. Christine Sauer.

No Money? = No Problem! 

Chronic mental illness can lead to disability and loss of work and earning capacity. I found, that often, like for myself, when my clients regain their mental and brain health with a combination of methods and a good system like this one, they start to be able to work again, in the beginning only for a few hours a day or a week, and most prefer the comfort and convenience of working from home.

Financial health is often the 5th dimension of brain and mental health and often needs to be addressed before other options can be pursued.

Having found a solution that is low-cost AND that works (no gimmicks), I am now excited to share it “forward” with others.

If loss of income and earning capacity due to brain health issues or mental illness has affected you, I offer a solution on my sister website on how to make a comfortable living from home, starting with a low-cost investment, and even get mentored by me for free as well. Head over there now, if you are interested.

What is

Mentioned in the video: Neurovite/Plus. Check it out here.

BrainMD Health is the website where you can get supplements targeted to specific areas of the brain that Dr. Daniel Amen has identified as needing support in certain conditions. In my own experience as well as that of many of my clients these supplements – together with the whole 5-Dimensional approach to depression recovery – made a meaningful difference and can lead to complete resolution of symptoms.

My own story is an example. I take Brain Health Supplements developed by Dr. Daniel Amen and his scientists every day and find them very beneficial.

In the reviews of each of his supplements I will tell you more about the ingredients of each and where it works best as well as about my own experiences and that of my clients.

As they note on their website:

“As a company, we’ve dedicated our lives to helping people feel better by creating extensively researched products that optimize brain health and balance the body. We don’t do guesswork, we do homework.
Our supplements are formulated with clinically-researched ingredients in scientifically determined dosages. Tested for trust, then tested again.

We test and retest each product before being evaluated again to be certified by a third party. If we wouldn’t take it, or give it to our families, we don’t expect you to either. “

But does not just sell good quality supplements for mental health and brain health. They also educate consumers on brain health and why it is at the center of all health, wellness, and success, helping people like you and me improve their brain health and feel their best by creating extensively researched scientifically-formulated nutraceuticals. 
No wonder, I am one of the many happy customers!

Quality and Safety of BrainMD supplements 

When talking supplements, the question is always: Are those supplements safe for me to take for my depression, anxiety or ADHD? Are those supplements also safe for children? Can I give them to my kids and will see good results?

Now, of course, although no one can 100% predict your individual results, and I always recommend using the free supplement consultation I offer, the Supplements from and Dr. Daniel Amen provide the highest quality possible.

BrainMD prides itself on their Supplement Quality. No Compromises. Their team of research scientists strictly only source quality ingredients and raw materials from selected, trusted suppliers.

They use scientifically determined dosages and strive for optimal absorption.

And all throughout, they meticulously test to verify the identity, potency, and purity of each ingredient listed on our labels. They make sure that their end product is not contaminated by microbes or heavy metals.

And, of course, they meet the cGMP (good manufacturing practices) standards set by the FDA.

And then they test it and evaluate the effect on real people.

Their reviews of many happy customers show it…

Range of BrainMD Supplements is a specialty website for Brain Health and Mental Health Supplements.

Their most famous supplements are the ones helping different types of ADHD and Depression and/or Anxiety by targeting the right regions of the brain – naturally and in the context of a comprehensive treatment plan.

You can see my personal reviews of them on this website.

My All-Time Favorite Brain MD Supplements:

In-depth reviews of this and others coming soon!

Focus and Energy

How To Know Which Brain Health Supplement Is Right For You

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