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We are soulful leaders who want to succeed. We create wealth by serving others.

Do You Have What it Takes to join The Sparkle Team?

There are 3 things you need to have to qualify, and it's not what you think

 #1 - Ambition

You want to succeed, you want to work hard, and you are willing to learn and change your ways to get what you want.

#2 - Interest

You are interested in learning about how to get and stay healthy and well, a healthy lifestyle and living a good life.

#3 - Collaboration

You are generally a positive person. You love people, you love helping others and to see this flow back to you.

What You Can Expect When You Join The Sparkle Team

You will be able to join a "Business in a Box" - where you are your own CEO and stay in control of your time, daily activities and income potential. You can work from anywhere in the work, at any time of the day.

Have a job already? Great! Do Not Quit Yet!

As in any new business, it takes time to learn how to do it well and be successful. You will have all the tools, systems, strategies and training you need to be successful as well as personal mentoring by Dr. Christine Sauer.

 If you work with us consistently for 10-12 hours per week for the minimum commitment period of 12 months, you can expect to generate an income of 500-2000 USD per month.

Time Freedom

You decide when you want to work and largely, how you want to work during this time.

Juggling a fulltime-job, family and a side gig?

No problem. I include training and support in time management.

Work From Anywhere

All you need is a cell phone or laptop and (at least some) internet access. 

We provide an app with all you need to succeed. We operate in over 45 countries, so time zones are no problem, either.

Your Lifestyle

Create your unique entrepreneurial lifestyle and be your own boss.

Share the goodness of wellness products that you use yourself to defy aging and support your own health.

Is it Your Time To Become The Next Success Story?

Talk with me on how I can mentor you to create lasting health and wealth for you and others

How It Works

Here is how i can help you to become successful in whatever you endeavor to undertake...


Make a decision to become the best and most successful person possible. You can do it. Dream big!


Think about what goals you would like to achieve to get there


Book a call with me to talk about mentorship options (starting at Free)


Do the simple actions required to achieve your dream goals

Why Dr. Christine Sauer is the Right Mentor For You...

Truly Holistic Coaching and Mentoring, paired with Personal Experience:

"Made in Germany, delivered from Canada!"

Watch Dr.Christine sharing her journey from a successful physician in Germany through the abyss of mental and physical illness and disability  back to vibrant health and a happy life full of passion and purpose!

"It's Never Too Late to Start Living Your Best Life!" - Dr. Christine Sauer, MD ND (Ger)

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Dr. Christine Sauer, MD ND 

Ret. Physician and Naturopath, Success Mentor

  • Certified Brain and Mental Health Professional
  • Licensed Brain Trainer
  • Licensed Neuroencoding Specialist
  • Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
  • Certified Havening Techniques® Practitioner
  • Gastrointestinal Disease Specialist
  • Allergologist
  • Friendly, Caring, Real, Authentic
  •  German-trained physician and naturopath
  • Down-To-Earth
  • Combining Science, Medicine, nature and coaching arts

"If You are stuck in a dark place, I want to tell you: There is a light at the end of the tunnel for you, too!" Dr. Christine Sauer, MD ND (Ger), INHC, CBHP

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Short Bio

Dr. Christine Sauer, MD ND (Ger), grew up in Germany, raised two sons and became a physician.
She worked in her ex-husband's family and naturopathic practice and then took a second residency in dermatology, naturopathy, allergology and phlebology. After being board-certified for these specialties she then opened her own practice in Germany, which grew rapidly.
She had been moderately overweight as a child, and eating was her go-to emotional support.
Due to severe back pain, followed by severe depression, she had to give up and sell her medical practice in Germany.
After her ex-husband's death by suicide her sons and herself came to Halifax, NS in 1997.
She went through a deep health crisis and - after partially recovering - started actively searching for the newest and best nutrition, lifestyle, medical etc. information. She eventually remarried and aligned her life with all her knowledge, experience and - utilizing help from other health professionals - became healthy again.
She lost 150 lbs of fat in 2006/07 and kept off most of it since then.
After studying and taking multiple courses, (find most of her qualifications and German licenses below), she decided to open her own Weight Loss, Gut Health, Brain and Mental Health Coaching Business to share her knowledge and experience and her unique view of conventional, alternative, functional and integrative medicine as well as her skills and knowledge in personal and character development, habit-forming, inspiration, enthusiasm and love with other people to mentor and help them to re-build their health from the ground up.

She further educated herself, became a Gastrointestinal Disease Specialist (Dr. Kurt Woeller), a Certified Brain and Mental Health Professional & Coach, Licensed Brain Trainer (by Dr. Daniel Amen MD), joined Dr. Amen's Teaching Team, a Licensed Neuroencoding Specialist (a practical variant of NLP created by Dr. Joseph McClendon III, joined his teaching team also), a Certified Havening Techniques® Practitioner (Drs Ron and Steven Ruden) Hypnotherapist, cert. Level 1 TEAM Therapist (Dr. David Burns MD - Feeling Great) and is now working to help others overcome their challenges, optimize their Brain Health with her unique "SPARKLE" - System.

She very much loves sharing her extensive knowledge and mentors others so they also can achieve the success they desire.

Dr. Christine is a prolific writer, bestselling author, course creator, radio and podcast host, engaging speaker and a dedicated team leader, researcher and educator/teacher.
Her private hobbies are cooking, gardening and her dog.

Her "Anchor Image" - personal purpose, and visions


Is this a sales job?

Yes, you can consider this a commission-based job in leveraged sales. The difference between the usual sales jobs that you can find on job search sites and this opportunity is that in traditional sales, you sell a product to a customer once, you get your commission, and your income ends there.

In leveraged sales, you keep getting a commission as long as the customer is using the product, AND you also get a smaller commission for partners you create in your work.

Compare this with standing in line in a movie theatre, just you don't only get a commission on yor own ticket sales, but also on the people behind you. In our company, this goes back 7 generations. Like in all large companies, if you are the CEO, you lead a team and benefit from their work. Leveraged sales is no different.

Is it free?

Nothing in life is really free. Anything worthwhile getting or doing needs some investment, of time or money or (most of the time) both. This business opportunity is no different. Compared with most other business opportunities, the investment is minimal. You can join with around $100 per month, and if you invest around 10-12 hours of your time to work with our tools and systems consistently, you can expect to make around $500-2000/month after just one year. Your earning potential in the long term is only limited by your effort and skills.

Is this a MLM scam?

Absolutely NOT. This is not an illegal pyramid, multi-level-marketing or Ponzi scheme. Our business is 100% legal and operating in around 45 countries. We are expanding consistently. As a partner, you are provided with clear guidelines on what you can or cannot say in public so whatever you do and say is compliant with the applicable laws. You are provided with tools like a mobile app, a website, brochures, videos, social media materials and all the training to make sure that you are successful while avoiding any legal conflicts that could threaten your business.

How much can I make if I work more?

Our average partners, working around 10-12 hours per week, make around $500-2000/month. If you join us with a small investment of just around $100 per month, and if you work about 10-12 hours of your time and use our tools and systems consistently, you can expect to make around $500-2000/month after just one year. Your earning potential in the long term is only limited by your effort and skills. Through hard and consistent work, learning, doing and teaching your team, you can become a millionaire, travel the world for free and more. If that's what you want, by all means, talk to me today, join and go make your dreams come true.

I don't like sales. Do I really have to sell?

I understand. There is still a negative bias around the word "sales", that has been created by sleazy, unethical salespeople. If you join our company, we do NOT want you to sell that way. All we ask you to do, is to learn our tools and system and then talk to people, make new friends, have fun, and when the opportunity arises and you see a need and want for the products you offer, share your insights with your people and let them make their decision. This can be an effortless process that you can learn. Most people, myself included, are not born salespeople and need to learn to be the best they can be. 

Consider this: Everything you do in life is a sale. Read or listen to the bestselling book by Grant Cardone: Sell or Be Sold.

Sales, done right, is a service to others. Only sales creates wealth and prosperity for you, those you love and society at large. Think that through, really. Unless (and even if) you grew up in a family of entrepreneurs, getting better at selling requires personal growth, the courage to change and a mindset shift to realize this, and I needed to go through it myself. Our "Soulful Leaders Academy" is designed to help us to do this. Membership is free for our Partners.

What if I want to quit?

If you ever want to quit, we will be sad, but understand. Sometimes circumstances of life change, or our personal growth and selling skills are not developed enough, or we go through other difficulties. All it takes is a phone call to cancel your subscription. 

But the good thing is: This company will welcome you back if you later regret your decision to quit - like a "prodigal son".

I quit myself at the beginning of my career. I wasn't ready and I thought that the grass must be greener on the other side. I discovered the hard way that I was mistaken. I was welcomed back by my mentors and discovered that the company had made more improvements than I thought possible.

If you are not satisfied with your current career or yourself, before you quit, please talk with me or your mentor and discuss your decision. Whatever you decide, it is okay. There is no judgement here. Just don't give in too easily to your negative thoughts or scarcity mindset.

Are there risks involved?

Look, I would be lying to you if I said it differently: Everything in life has a risk. There is no safety, life is just about managing risks properly. How do you minimize your risk? By learning all you can about it before diving in. You are doing that now, so, good for you! But really, besides the fact that there are no guarantees that the business will never falter, you risk more by not joining... risk not taking advantage of a great opportunity to improve your health while also improving the health of others, to grow as a person in a supportive, positive community and to create wealth and even  legacy for later. That said, book a call with me and let's chat about the pros and cons. Not for you after that? Cool, no issue. 

What business is it exactly?

This is a real business in leveraged sales or direct sales, a method employed by all larger companies. That means, you are offering a product for sale and help the people decide whether this is for them or not. Either way is fine.

Sales is the lifeblood of every business, so the training we provide is transferable to any business you do and even provides opportunities for you for personal growth and increased happiness as well as training presentation, speaking and leadership skills.

The product any business provides is crucial for your success.

If you are not convinced that what you are offering is the best product available for the specific purpose you are offering it, you shouldn't offer it and you don't want to be in this business.

One benefit of our product is that it supports healthy longevity, so obviously we all want to use it.

Realistically, if you don't see the product you sell as beneficial, why would anyone you talk to see this differently? As honest, ethical individuals selling is a responsibility. 

I personally want to reach out to others and see if there is anything I can do to help them in any way. If so, great. If not, we part as friends.

If you like this approach, book a call and let's talk.

Leveraged sales business is different from a "job in sales". In our business, you not only make a commission (get a percentage) of each of your own product sales, but also of your own subscription sales.

It is unique for leveraged sales marketing (also called network marketing), that, over time, you have the opportunity and are encouraged to also train and lead partners who also run their own business and you will get a small commission for their product sales as compensation for your extra effort.

But if that's not what you want, you can also just share your experience and product knowledge with others, and if they purchase from you, you also will get a commission (higher than it is usual with other affiliate sales like you may have heard from Amazon etc).

This kind of selling (Affiliate selling) is slower and less effective than direct sales, but can be a good way to start until you have built your courage and experience to the point where you are ready to directly approach strangers and start a conversation with them. Talk with me to discuss your preferences.

How long has this been around?

Sales has been around since Adam and Eve, but obviously our business was started later, exactly on 11-11-11. Like many companies, it has weathered a few storms, but thanks to the perseverance of the leadership and the excellent and proven effective products it survived the pandemic and recession. Most businesses that falter do so in the first 5 years, so I fully expect that our business will be around for a long time to come.

What do Others say?

Obviously, there are many businesses on the market that offer nutritional supplements for sale. Some are better than others, as always.

I personally have reviewed most other companies that promise similar benefits, but have not been able to find a similar nutritional supplement that offers a nutrition-dense package of effective ingredients in a small, convenient to take package, suitable for travel.

Heck, you can even use it in your cooking, and baking or as a salad dressing to add a nutrient-dense punch.

Obviously most people would rather eat all the nutrition they need in their food, but to eat all organically (or better biodynamically grown)  is close to impossible and often prohibitively expensive in our modern world.

And having a full cupboard of vitamins and minerals and other supplements to support your health will work, but it cumbersome, requires long hours of research, and is more expensive than to get it from concentrated seed nutrition.

We have thousands of people who supplemented their regular food with our supplements and who achieved excellent and sometimes unbelievably good results (I know a few of them personally, and it is quite amazing).

Of course, just by trying the product for yourself most people notice the calming effect on belly and mind as well as an increase in energy and metabolism...Sometimes that is all people need to regulate their weight and achieve healthy longevity.

Why should I get involved now?

Think of it this way: If you are standing in line to buy a movie ticket, you don't get a commission on the ticket sales of the people behind you, right? In this business you do. So, the earlier you line up (join us), the sooner you will earn commission of the people who get in line behind you (your downline, up to 7 generations). 

So, the right time to start is NOW.

Don't wait any longer, contact me to talk about your options to start right and get my mentorship and many more added benefits with it.