Are you asking yourself: What Vitamin Supplements Should I Take Daily?

If you do, you are not alone. So often my clients ask me for advice and an individual supplement strategy.

"What supplements should I take daily"? is a very common question and an expression of the confusion and overwhelm when it comes to nutritional supplements generally but especially when it comes to supplements for mental health

Through the information in this website, we try to de-mystify this issue and bring the general public well-founded research and recommendations backed by science and experience, but presented in a way that can be easily understood and applied by "regular" people.

What Vitamin Supplements Should I Take Daily-free supplement consultation what vitamins should I take start here

In my over 40 years of experience in healthcare,  it was and is my experience that we often don't eat the best foods all the time, and even if we would do so, given our modern agricultural system, environmental toxins, long shelf life and more, foods often do no longer contain the nutrients they had 100 or 200 years ago.

I wrote more about this in my book: Eating for Vibrant Health and Explosive Energy

Here are some questions that many people ask themselves:

  • What vitamin supplements should I take daily? 
  • What do I need to take for my individual situation?
  • Where to start?
  • I eat healthy? Do I even need to take supplements?
  • What side effects could supplements have in my case?
  • Can I take supplements with my health condition or together with my medications?
  • What are the best supplements for me or my loved ones?

What's the best answer? It depends. It depends on Your Individual Situation.

You can ask your individual healthcare provider for advice or you can start by booking a free supplement call right now and ask the questions that you have before you buy.

Often, the addition of targeted nutrients (dietary supplements like a good multivitamin, minerals, the correct balance of omega 3 and omega 6 fats and others, can make a positive difference, and if combined with an even more targeted individual holistic health assessment and a comprehensive and interdisciplinary Life Strategy Plan, it can be a crucial part in recovery from depression, anxiety, ADHD and other mental health issues.

I have seen my clients - just by adding targeted nutrients to their diet on a regular basis, get more energy and the mental clarity to finally start tackling the other issues that need to be addressed for full recovery from chronic depression. I talk about the 5 Dimensions of Mental Health that all need to be addressed in the right order in the context of this holistic and comprehensive life strategy.

I found that very often, people are confused by the multitude of the offers on the market and the many different opinions on supplementation, whether you ask a conventional doctor, a naturopath, or a supplement manufacturer or try to get your information from "Mr. Google" or TV and internet advertising.

The information "out there" is often conflicting and can even be misleading, and that in turn can lead to disappointment and a general feeling of hopelessness when it comes to supplements.

Like many things in life, when done right, nutritional supplements like good multivitamins and minerals and others, will be an important part in recovery if they become part of a "supplement orchestra" that plays well together.

Start now with your free individual supplement consultation. No strings attached.

I'll be happy to answer all the questions you want to ask. You will  leave the call with a better understanding of your individual supplement strategy.

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free supplement consultation what vitamins should I take start here

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